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Press Release


SAN DIEGO, CA – Who doesn’t own a kitty or doggy (or even a baby!) who loves to play, shred, tear and waste toilet paper? These little creatures are attracted to toilet paper rolls! Most people with pets or small children have to keep the bathroom door closed or hide their toilet paper so they don’t walk into a sea of white shreds every day. Our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is the product that removes that problem in a simple and inexpensive way.

What makes our washable Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover special is its easy-attach feature, making it simple to attach to any wall or paper dispenser. This toilet paper cover can also be removed and replaced with a variety of patterns depending on the season, the occasion or just your mood, to add a touch of décor to your bathroom with any of our creative themed covers.

With our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover you do not need to purchase a new toilet paper wall dispenser to completely encapsulate your toilet paper roll. (Those dispensers are usually made out of metal which does not go with most bathroom decors, they cost over $60, and to dispense the toilet paper you have two options: 1) you leave the tip of a sheet sticking out in order to be able to pull it for each use – allowing pets and kids to do the same – 2) you physically take the roll out of the container and hold it in your hand during every use. Too much work!) Our flexible Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover completely hides the front of the roll and when toilet paper is needed, a simple pulling of a corner allows dispensing the toilet paper simple and effortlessly.

About the inventor: The Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is an original design launched by Pac-Ur-Bags, a company based in San Diego, California. For further information, please call (619) 692-0165, email [email protected] or visit our website

Brand History

When I put my precious dog to sleep last year, my cat Vida-Tesoro got really depressed. She would come out of my bedroom, check to see if my dog was around and then go back to my bedroom day after day. Sometimes she would stay under the bed for hours. She didn’t let me groom her again, clip her claws or even touch her. In fact, she became distant and mean when approached.

I was concerned and thought that getting a kitty would help… You know, to distract her, to keep her busy… so I adopted a 1 year old kitty at the Humane Society which I had never done before. I had read they had to get used to each other through a fence or a cage, so I kept them separate for a couple of weeks and little by little I started to let them get closer.

For an entire month they spent time together but slept separately, always being monitored by me, of course. Then I started to leave them alone for short periods of time in the living room for instance while I was in my office. After a while they were playing, chasing each other and enjoying each other’s company. I was happy. Since the new kitty talks a lot and has a beautiful voice, I named her Barbra Streisand.

Unfortunately, while they were playing one day, Barbra scratched Vida’s eye and it got infected. Needless to say, that was the end of that relationship.

For almost a year after that, I did not let them be together alone until one day when I got tired of pet sitting, like I don’t have anything to do, and I left them in the house by themselves to deal with their issues while I went out. That was it. Somehow they resolved their issues and came to some understanding because now they tolerate each other. They don’t play much but they lay down on the same couch or bed, they can sit next to each other but not too close and some times, not often, they play together. Vida feels the need to constantly hiss to remind Barbra that she’s the boss. It bothers me still but I had to accept that Vida could never trust Barbra again, so I learned to live with it.

Since the kitty had a lot of energy and wanted to play at all hours but I wasn’t available enough for her taste, she started to look for things to do: fight with the feather duster and take it apart, jump on top of the fridge and dump things from up there to see how they land, ruin my plants, eat rubber bands, check my closet and drawers and rearrange things, empty the garbage can in the kitchen and destroy the window screens around the house, among other things. Well, that was until she discovered the toilet paper roll. That was the end for me… She attacked the TP rolls like if they were vicious creatures and she continued to do it every day for weeks. I was going nuts… People would tell me to close the bathroom door but I only have one bathroom and that’s where the cat litter was. She destroyed dozens of toilet paper rolls. I was losing my mind.

I started to look for products to solve my problem but I found nothing. I went to hardware stores, department stores, I searched online… nothing. All I found was this elastic that you place around the roll but it really doesn’t do the job. It’s called TP Saver and it only stops the roll from turning but it doesn’t protect the toilet paper. She still destroyed the paper with the TP

Saver on every time, so I wasted my money. I looked and looked and found nothing.

So I started to think about ways to protect the toilet paper… I started to experiment. I spent a lot of time on this because I was going to kill my cat if I didn’t find a solution Pronto!…

After a lot of research and testing, here is the big news: you don’t have to stress anymore. You don’t have to waste toilet paper anymore or close the bathroom door. Paws-Free is here and available in many patterns, colors and styles. Visit our Shop Page and take a look. This wonderful toilet paper cover protects your toilet paper from dust, humidity, hair and many other bathroom stuff but most important, from those little creatures that love to destroy it. It is easy to use and it adds a touch of decor to your bathroom: any occasion, any color, any style.

What’s funny is that while I was researching online for products to solve my problem, I found tons of blogs where people discuss this same issue. I visited tons of websites and blogs where people complained about this problem not only because their cats did it but also their dogs and even their kids! There are websites dedicated to this, believe it or not and tons of videos.

Patterns / Occasions



Bellow are the prints we have right now. We update our website often to make sure we have all the patterns on the photos available. Sometimes we can reorder the same prints but sometimes the patterns we liked the season before are discontinued. When you make a selection, if for whatever reason the system doesn’t allow you to pick what you want, or if you have any questions about the material, feel free to email us at [email protected]so we can send you exactly what you want.

We have seasonal prints but it would be impossible to show them all on this page. We carry Halloween, X-mas, Easter, 4th of July and Valentines prints among others. Please ask if you need a specific season and we will send you the pictures of what we have to pick from.

Customers sometimes have special fabrics they want to use, some people want solid colors and/or specific tones, so, if you have any specific request, contact us via email so we can discuss the details. If you have something in mind that you don’t see, email us and let us know. We will try to find whatever it is you want us to use to create your TP cover. (crazy-kitty

Note: Please, before you order, make sure you know what type of dispenser you have.

Sizing: The standard cover size was designed for the recessed dispensers. If yours is surface mounted, the cover needs to be made accordingly. If your A to B distance is more than 13.5 inches, the cover has to be custom made. If you have a surface mounted dispenser or you use the Mega rolls, please follow the diagram bellow and email the dimensions to: [email protected] along with your print choice. If you have a wall mounted TP dispenser, do not order the regular cover because it will not fit. We will invoice you once we ship the order. The longer covers are $3.50 more than the standard size and the dimensions vary between 14 and 18 inches long. The extra cost is to cover for the extra material and the fact that they are made to order.