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Prints To Choose From

We carry all kind of prints for all occasions (X-mas, Halloween, Easter, all seasons, Thanksgiving and more), so if you have something on mind and you don’t see it, or if you want a specific pattern, shade, a solid color, tone or design, let us know. We can find anything to match your décor or style. Email us at:

Tell Us About Your Dispenser

If your TP dispenser is mounted on the wall or a cabinet, the standard cover will not work for you. There are many different wall mounted dispenser, so you need to give us the exact dimensions of yours. Follow the diagram above and provide us with the dimensions 1 and 2 as shown. We will make your cover in the length you need for your specific dispenser design.


Our Paws-Free TP Cover is very easy to install and also to remove when desired.

The Velcro strips we provide with the covers have a strong adhesive, the industrial type, so never pull the strip away from the wall to remove it. 

The way to remove the strip (without damaging the paint) is by placing a utility knife blade between the adhesive and the surface it is attached to. That way the adhesive is cut instead of separated from the wall/cabinet surface. The residue left on the wall/cabinet surface can be easily removed by applying solvents like the citrus-base kind which is the one Velcro recommends or you can also use olive oil, coconut oil, Goo Gone or WD-40.