Many Prints To Pick From

 Bellow are the prints we offer for your toilet paper protection. We update our website often  to make sure we have all the patterns on the photos available. Sometimes  we can reorder the same prints but sometimes the patterns we liked the  season before are discontinued. When you make a selection, if for  whatever reason the system doesn’t allow you to pick what you want, or  if you have any questions about the material, feel free to email us at so we can send you exactly what you want. We have seasonal prints but it would be impossible to show them all  on this page. We carry Halloween, X-mas, Easter, 4th of July and  Valentines prints among others. Please ask if you need a specific season  and we will send you the pictures of what we have to pick from. Customers sometimes have special fabrics they want to use, some  people want solid colors and/or specific tones, so, if you have any  specific request, contact us via email so we can discuss the details. If  you have something in mind that you don’t see, email us and let us  know. We will try to find whatever it is you want us to use to create  your TP cover. (crazy-kitty Note: Please, before you order, make sure you know what type of dispenser you have.

 Sizing: The standard toilet paper protection or cover length was designed for the  recessed dispensers. If yours is surface mounted, the cover needs to be  made accordingly. If your A to B distance is more than 13 inches, the  cover has to be custom made. If you have a surface mounted dispenser or  you use the Mega rolls, please follow the diagram bellow and email the  dimensions to: along with  your print choice. If you have a wall mounted TP dispenser, do not order  the regular cover because it will not fit. We will invoice you once we  ship the order. The longer covers are $3.50 more than the standard size  and the dimensions vary between 14 and 18 inches long. The extra cost is  to cover for the extra material and the fact that they are made to  order.