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Paper Cover Benefits

  • Outstanding Design

This cover adapts to universal TP dispensers. The standard size works on any wall recessed design but for the designs installed on the walls or cabinets, there is a specific length that will fit. Just give us one dimension as shown on the diagram and we will make it for you.

  • Easy to install

In 3 easy steps you will have our cover installed and protecting your precious TP.

  • Protects from everything

TP rolls are exposed to a lot more more than just paws.

  • Resistent Materials

The Paws-Free TP Covers are made with resistant and washable materials.

  • Saving money

This ingenious cover will help you save tons of money on TP.

  • Coolest bathrooms

Your bathroom will look very cool with the print that better matches your bathroom decor.

  • Human been Security

Prevents your baby from eating toilet paper.

  • 100% warranty

Never again you will have to worry about finding TP messes all over your house.

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