–SAN DIEGO, CA – Who doesn’t own a kitty or doggy (or even a baby!) who loves to play, shred, tear and waste toilet paper? These little creatures are attracted to toilet paper rolls! Most people with pets or small children have to keep the bathroom door closed or hide their toilet paper so they don’t walk into a sea of white shreds every day. Our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is the product that removes that problem in a simple and inexpensive way.

What makes our washable Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover special is its easy install feature, making it simple to attach to any wall or paper dispenser. This toilet paper cover can also be removed and replaced with a variety of patterns depending on the season, the occasion or just your mood, to add a touch of décor to your bathroom with any of our creative themed covers.

With our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover you do not need to purchase a new toilet paper wall dispenser to completely encapsulate your toilet paper roll. (Those dispensers are usually made out of metal which does not go with most bathroom decors, they cost over $60, and to dispense the toilet paper you have two options: 1) you leave the tip of a sheet sticking out in order to be able to pull it for each use – allowing pets and kids to do the same – 2) you physically take the roll out of the container and hold it in your hand during every use. Too much work!) Our flexible Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover completely hides the front of the roll and when toilet paper is needed, a simple pulling of a corner allows dispensing the toilet paper simple and effortlessly.

About the inventor: The Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is an original design launched by Pac-Ur-Bags, a company based in San Diego, California. For further information, please call (619) 692-0165, email or visit our website