Stop the madness!
No more toilet paper messes!

You don’t have to stress anymore! You are not destined to let your babies waste toilet paper anymore. You won’t have to close the bathroom door either. Paws-Free is here and available in many patterns, colors and styles. Visit our Shop Page and take a look. This wonderful toilet paper cover protects your toilet paper from dust, humidity, hair and many other bathroom stuff but most important, from those little creatures that love to tear up. It is easy to install, easy to use and it adds a touch of decor to your bathroom: any occasion, any color, any style.


Protect your TOILET PAPER for only $19.99


Your kitty/doggy/toddler likes to play
with and waste toilet paper by unrolling
it directly from the wall dispenser.


Our Paws-Free TP Cover stops that.


It can be installed over any toilet
paper wall dispenser, can be easily
removed for toilet paper dispensing
and it comes in a variety of prints
and colors.