Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover

Our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is designed to work as cover and protection for the toilet paper roll. Read what our customers have to say about it...

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How to protect toilet paper from little hands & claws by Daniela Caride on September 18, 2012

Well, she is a super sweet cat. Until I lock her up in a room for a  couple of hours. Be it a party I want to protect her from (she’s fairly  anti-social), or the plumber coming to fix the kitchen sink, it doesn’t  matter. If I don’t let her roam around the entire house, this cuddly  kitty will turn into a treat-powered paper shredder. If she does it out of boredom or pure vengeance I’ll never know. What  I do know is that the only way I found to get around the problem was to  close the bathroom door. Forget about keeping the litter box there, of  course. Brrrrrrrilliant idea, huh?

Fortunately, I am not the only one whose cat takes her frustrations on toilet paper. Elsa blogged at Taildom about her invention — a toilet paper cover called Paws Free Toilet Paper Cover — after almost going insane with her OCD kitty. 

As soon as Elsa’s new cat, Barbra Streisand, (Yes, that’s her name.  She’s very vocal and has a beautiful voice.) got comfy at home, she  learned she could improve some of her artsy skills by carving  contemporary sculptures on toilet paper. (Oh, and she also loves eating  rubber bands, shredding window screens, fighting with the feather duster  and taking it apart, and dumping things off the top of the fridge to  see how they land, among other things. Unfortunately, Elsa hasn’t found  the time to create products to solve those problems. Yet.) 

According to Elsa, Barbra the Breaking Machine grew less and less  interested in singing, and got more and more adept to getting a good  workout with TP rolls. With only one bathroom at home and a failed  attempt to find any effective products on the market, Elsa took the  matter into her own hands, literally. 

After a lot of research and testing, Elsa came up with a rectangular  piece of stuffed cloth stitched with double-sided velcro on each  extremity. Two strips of velcro (the side with hooks) are taped on the  wall: one at the top, and other at the bottom of the TP holder.  The fluffy side of the velcro, stitched to the cloth, holds the cover in  place. Whenever you go to the bathroom, you pull one of the extremities  to detach the velcro, and then put it back in place once you got your  piece of toilet paper. Elsa chose some patterns (see some below) stamped with cats, dogs and  other cute styles and started her own small business, sewing her way  out of her kitty’s obsession. By the time she launched her product, she  knew she could reach an audience of people with not only crazy cats but  also dotty doggies and feisty toddlers. She sent me one of those covers to test, and I did so throughout two  entire toilet paper rolls that only I enjoyed. Bottomline: my tuxie  Phoenix hates it.  I like it a lot. 

New Product Protects Toilet Paper From Cats, Dogs and Toddlers

–SAN DIEGO, CA – Who doesn’t own a kitty or doggy  (or even a baby!) who loves to play, shred, tear and waste toilet paper?  These little creatures are attracted to toilet paper rolls! Most people  with pets or small children have to keep the bathroom door closed or  hide their toilet paper so they don’t walk into a sea of white shreds  every day. Our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is the product that removes  that problem in a simple and inexpensive way. What makes our washable Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover special is its  easy-attach feature, making it simple to attach to any wall or paper  dispenser. This toilet paper cover can also be removed and replaced with  a variety of patterns depending on the season, the occasion or just  your mood, to add a touch of décor to your bathroom with any of our  creative themed covers.
With our Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover you do not need to purchase a  new toilet paper wall dispenser to completely encapsulate your toilet  paper roll. (Those dispensers are usually made out of metal which  does not go with most bathroom decors, they cost over $60, and to  dispense the toilet paper you have two options: 1) you leave the tip of a  sheet sticking out in order to be able to pull it for each use –  allowing pets and kids to do the same – 2) you physically take the roll  out of the container and hold it in your hand during every use. Too much  work!) Our flexible Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover completely hides  the front of the roll and when toilet paper is needed, a simple pulling  of a corner allows dispensing the toilet paper simple and effortlessly. About the inventor: The Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover  is an original design launched by Pac-Ur-Bags, a company based in San  Diego, California. For further information, please call (619) 692-0165,  email or visit our website 

Cat Devils Beware, The Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover Is Here!

By Lady Bee on October 30, 2012    
One of the super-new products I found at the San Diego Pet Expo a few weeks ago was the Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover.  It was introduced to me by the video playing at the booth, which was hysterically funny, because it was so real...
These cats are little devils just like  mine - they go nuts over toilet paper!  When my Bella gets these kitty  spurts, she reams the toilet paper and, like these cats, looks like  she's just overdosed on catnip.  Sure enough, I came home with one that matched my bathroom and set it up right away,  
I like how the Paws-Free looks and it works  really well.  Just place a Velcro holder strip (included) on both the  top and bottom of the toilet paper holder...
And attach both ends of the Paws Free Toilet Paper Holder.
The Holder is handmade in the USA and sales  are directed by the product's inventor.  The Holder is very well  constructed - built to last.  It comes in dozens of colors and patterns -  some playful, some for Holidays (great for guest bathrooms), some to  match your decor.  Here's my favorite Halloween pattern, which can be  used all year long!
For more information and to purchase, visit  Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover is a Patent Pending product. 


Shannon Chapman

"These are  lifesavers! We've had them over a year now and the instant I installed  them the kitty TP mayhem stopped! Occasionally someone will 'forget' to  stick it back up after using the TP and we will have more white fluff to  clean up. All I can say is these little covers are magical. You will  not regret the purchase if you have kitties that like to have TP fun  like I do ."

William Wickings

 "Despite  the vague delivery window (for me January 30-February 17), I actually  received it a day early (the 29th). It was easy to install, it's just  two velcro strips that you stick above and below the roll. And our cat  hasn't had any luck clawing up the toilet paper yet!"  

Laura Albury

 "I never  thought someone will make a product like this and frankly I was looking  just to look and wala! I found it in Amazon (you can find anything here)  and I have to say this toillet  cover met my expectations. Very  satisfied!" 

HR, New York, NY.

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Sarah Rayner Velenyi, La Jolla, CA

  “LOVE the Paws-Free Toilet Paper Cover, it has changed my life! As a   long time foster kitten mom who often times keeps litters in the   bathroom and who for years has not been able to have toilet paper on  the  roll, I am so delighted to once again enjoy the luxury of having a  roll  at hand…and it looks cute too!  Thanks Paws-Free!”   

Charly Barnard

 "I have 4  dogs, one that likes to grab the end of the roll and run all  over the  house, and a second that shreds the toilet paper banner  created by the  first.  This thing is going to save us a fortune!  There  are so many  designs to choose from and I was really impressed by the  quality. I  can't say enough good things about the customer service!  I  bought mine  directly from the Paws Free website and Elsa made sure I  got the right  size.  The communication was wonderful, something that is  so rare these  days.  I really can't say enough good things about this  product or  company.  I ordered 2, and they are SO worth the purchase."   

Lauren T.

 "This  product is genius! Like most cats, my little guy loves to shred  the  toilet paper roll any chance he gets. Unfortunately he also likes  to eat  the toilet paper instead of just ripping it apart which makes it  both  dangerous and expensive. I searched online for my options and  decided to  give this cover a try which ended up working out perfectly!"   


 "Awesome  product which makes you think 'why did I not think of that?!'  This is my  second order and I specified to the seller I needed a longer  cover with  my chosen pattern. I called the Paws-Free telephone number   (619) 692-0165,  but you can email. Seller is extremely helpful."   

Jaimie Zeller

 "I  purchased this product directly from their website. Minus a little  snag  with the post office - the product itself is amazing! The design I  got  is adorable and has worked great at keeping my kitties paws from  getting  at the toilet paper! I would highly recommend getting this  product if  you have a kitty that likes to paw at, lick, eat, unroll, or  otherwise  destroy your toilet paper."