The Story of Freedah

On April 11, 2023, on the anniversary of my beautiful Barbra’s departure… I was feeling down and missing her. She had been with me for 9 wonderful years and I was devastated when she left because it was sudden. Even though I rescued two kittens, brother and sister a week after her death, I have never been able to recover. So, that day I went online and started to look for kitties, just for fun. I checked a few ads and then I read one that shocked me. This lady was looking for homes for 6 kitties, (5 boys and 1 girl), they were 6 weeks old because the mother had stopped feeding them and had started to attack them. The owner was desperate, so I contacted her and she told me they were Tuxedo Cats born on March 14, 2023. I immediately asked her if she still had the girl and she said yes. The next day I had in my possession this tinny beautiful Tuxedo kitty. She was so cute but her stomach was upset since they were feeding her adult cat food. I immediately started to feed her formula in a bottle and in a few days, she went on kitty wet food with crunched dry food mixed with it since she was so tiny, she could not fit one whole piece inside her tiny mouth. She was dehydrated and she didn’t even know what water was. I had to feed her water with an eye dropper for a few days until she learned to drink it out of the fountain.

I wasn’t worried about the other two, Marcella and Paolo because they are sweet and mellow plus having a kitty around is always good for older cats. In a few days, they were running around like best friends.