Why I named her Freedah…

The name I gave her was Frida for Frida Kahlo because as you might know, she had very unique eye brawls. Well, so does my kitty. I decided to name Freedah in Frida Kahlo’s honor.

Freedah has a personality and a half. She is very friendly and playful but she is also bossy. She knows she is cute so she gets away with a lot.

She loves the toys she got when she came to live with us and she plays with all of them. She does cardio two or three times a day. Her favorite toy is a duck but she also loves the tiny mice that have little things inside and sound like maracas when you shake them. She plays with them so hard, the fake fur comes off right away and then the plastic mice becomes even more fun because it slides easier on the floor.

She ruined a lot of toys very quickly and she asked for more, so I said to her that she was going to have to get a job in order to buy all the toys she wanted. I was surprised when I was told that she had gotten a job at Home Depot of all places.

The first pay check she got she spent entirely on toys and snacks. I am a proud mamma.